One of music’s most heartbreaking stories of 2012 came in August, when the tour bus carrying Georgia metal band Baroness crashed in the UK, leaving numerous members of the band and crew with serious injuries, canceling the rest of their tour dates for the year. The accident left the band unable to perform behind their new album, unable to share their hard-earned glory with fans: Baroness’ Yellow & Green had come out less than a month prior to the accident, and it was an absolute triumph. (It has been absent from very few year-end lists, and placed well on ours.) Today, though, there is good news: The band appears to be fully healed — or healed enough that they’re ready to get back in action. Baroness frontman John Dyer Baizley shared a note titled “A Message From John” on the band’s site today, accompanied by a video of Baizley and guitarist Peter Adams performing a gorgeous acoustic version of Yellow & Green instrumental track “Stretchmarker,” their first performance together since the accident. The first sentence of Baizley’s message says it all: “Simply put: it’s time to get back to it.” Hell yeah it is. Check out the “Stretchmarker” video, and Baizley’s note in full, below.